Laser Cutting of Perspex  is made easy with our cnc laser cutting machine. Our laser  has a bed to suit 2440 x 1220 sheets. Typically we cut acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM on the laser. Our machine can cut up to approximately 15mm thick with a relatively nice finish.

Laser Cutting Perspex acrylic gives a superior polish to all edges, making the finished acrylic ,  Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM product look much more professional than the typical flamed edge finish.

When a high degree of accuracy is required,  Laser Cutting Perspex  will cut to .2mm with the acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM  pieces being the same every time.

Our laser not only cuts acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM but also engraves on the acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM, which can be a great addition to display items or for marking part numbers etc.

Perspex plinth

Perspex plinth


 20mm Opal acrylic laser cut letter20mm Opal acrylic laser cut letters pushed

Some of the items we custom manufacture include acrylic change room tags ,  acrylic key tags and acrylic Do Not Disturb tags as well as acrylic signs. We also can manufacture all items with

Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM as well as Plexiglass Satin Ice TM and Perspex Frost TM


Laser cutting machine

Laser cutter used for perspex