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Acylic is sometimes known by the brand names  Plexiglass® and Perspex®



Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® as it is widely known in Australia is typically used for display items as it is more easily adaptable for certain applications. Acrylic , Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® is not as easy to scratch as polycarbonate, and in Clear is actually clearer than glass.

Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® is much easier to form than glass as well as being lighter. With acrylic , Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® being more suited to bending, moulding and glueing than glass, the overall cost of the acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TMis not only a cheaper option to glass, but is much safer.



With the versatillity of Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® is well suited to many applications.


Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® is typically used for P.O.S displays, display covers, light panels to name a few


Acylic or Plexiglass® and Perspex® is available in a variety of thicknesses , colours and textures.


Thicknesses come in 2mm , 3mm ,4.5mm , 6mm ,10mm , 12mm ,15mm , 20mm , 25mm ,30mm  ,40mm and 50mm


Acylic  Plexiglass® and Perspex®  Colours include , Clear , white , black , red , blue , green , yellow , opal , orange also opaque and translucent colours, acrylic is also available in tints. Commonly used in boats.


perspex fluoroperspex frost

Acylic  Plexiglass® and Perspex® COLOURS. May vary slightly from shown


Texures vary from Gloss to Matt (certain colours only) as well as prismatic and satin.

Perspex Frost ® is a satin finished material that is widely used in commercial interiors , giving that dynamic appearance that you are looking for.

Plexiglass Satin Ice ® is also available in a frosted  finish and is again used for many commercial fitouts

Characteristics of the material:

Acylic  Plexiglass® and Perspex® is half the weight of glass, impact resistant, unaffected by sun or salt spray (for up to 10 years) . Acrylic has a temperature range of -10°C to +55°C for continuous service.


10 – 17 times greater impact than glass. Acrylic is often used in glazing applications as well as

screening (wind breaks). It is recommended to seek advice from your local council as to requirements

It may also be neccessary to employ an architect and or an engineer for relevant thickness and fixing

requirements of the perspex. acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM is quite often used in double glazing and sound barrier applications



Polycarbonate is used in machine guarding , glazing , for industrial purposes and in areas where high impact may occur. (again (as for perspex ), it is advised to seek advise from relevant authorities. Our company is proud to offer the premium Lexan brand of polycarbonates to our clients

Polycarbonate is available in a a variety of thicknesses as well as grades from

  • General Purpose polycarbonate
  • UV Rated Polycarbonate
  • Mar Resistant (scratch resistant) polycarbonate

Thicknesses range from 1mm , 1.5mm , 2mm , 3mm , 4.5mm ,6mm ,9.5mm , 12.7mm

Colours available are Clear , Opal , Tint

Polycarbonate is also available for ballistic environments.. Thickness from 19mm – 32mm



PVC is used mainly for industrial applications

Ideal applications for PVC include acid trays, machine covers

PVC has a very good resistance to chemicals

Avilable in Grey , Clear and white

Foam PVC

Foam PVC is a light weight material used for displays, as a substrate for printing.

Foam PVC is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours


Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium composite is a new product to the market place

Available in Brushed aluminium , Satin , white , red , blue , black  and yellow.

3mm thickness is available with the outer layers being .2mm thick and the inner polyethylene core

layer 2.6mm.

This product is used in displays , insert panels and the construction grade at 4mm thick is

suitable for covering of buildings.


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

High Density Polyethylene

Medium Density Polyethylene

Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene


Custom made acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM displays, acrylic , Plexiglass TM and Perspex TM covers, polycarbonate guards.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Thank you for visiting our site. Below are data sheets in pdf format to download from Acrylic, perspex to polycarbonate.